Hello, Wholesalers

In every home, you’ll find at least one closet, shelf or cabinet stuffed with cumbersome vases of all shapes and sizes. Too valuable to throw away, these empty vessels take up valuable real estate in our homes. VACE solves this problem by turning every vase into a mantle-worthy showpiece, with flowers or without.

VACE puts innovation on display right at home.

VACE is the seamless, stretchable fabric sleeve that conforms to virtually any vase.

VACE is a simple item that’s easy to ship, store and sell.

VACE blends the world of fashion and flowers so your customers can create hundreds of fresh looks.

VACE ushers in new possibilities for every floral arrangement and stand alone vase.

VACE offers seasonal products that encourage repeat purchase with every new fashion cycle.

VACE capitalizes on major market trends:

1) A booming DIY market in floral and home decor

2) The movement towards reusable products

3) The proliferation of space saving design

4) The demand for more customizable products 

No centerpiece will be complete without a stylish VACE.

For more information, contact us at info@vacewear.com