About Highview 44


Remember those days back when we were kids? When it seemed like the entire world was right outside your house. For me, it truly was. My family lived in a small but idyllic ranch at 44 Highview Road, which was said to be the tallest point in town.

Highview Road was the place where imaginations were free to run wild. Where clouds became walruses. Pine cones became rocket ships. And I became whatever it was I wanted to be that day.

There was no idea too big, no project too complex, no story a chest full of toys couldn’t tell.

Deep in my heart, I knew that with a little creativity, one could accomplish anything.

We are Highview 44. A company that believes in the power of imagination. It’s what inspired us to make the world’s first seamless, stretch-on vase cover, and we hope to inspire you too.

So if you ever get stuck looking for new ideas, here’s a suggestion: simply step outside, see the world of possibility that surrounds you and do what you did back when you were a kid.

Take the high view.

Ari Merkin, Highview 44 Founder/CEO

Leaf icon by Saeful Muslim from the Noun Project.

Flower icon by Maxim Kulikof from the Noun Project.

Vase icon by Ben Davis from the Noun Project.