VACE is the interchangeable, stretch-on vase cover that brings new life to any floral arrangement. Our colorful sleeves let you easily change the color of your vase to suit any season, style, or holiday. Give new life to your flowers with a complimentary color VACE or use VACE to bring more texture, style and elegance to centerpieces for your next big event. No matter the occasion, VACE bring a brand new look to any tabletop. 


What is VACE?
VACE is the world's only stretch-on sleeve. A decorative way to spice up boring, everyday vases and/or cover unsightly stems and cloudy glass.

How do I put on a VACE sleeve?
Start with an empty vase and simply slide your VACE sleeve from the top down onto your empty vase. Don’t worry – VACE fabric is sturdy and forgiving. Continue to adjust by gently tugging, pushing and pulling the fabric to your liking once it’s on your vase.

What is a VACE made of?
VACE sleeves are made from a stretchy nylon blend fabrics that contour and conform to almost any vase shape you have at home.

Are they machine washable?
Yes. You can easily machine wash your VACE. Machine wash warm with similar coors. No bleach. Tumble dry low. 

Does my vase have to be round?
Nope. VACE fits square, angular and even most textured or misshapen vases. That said, steer clear or sharp edges and thorns. VACE is a fabric, after all.

Do they come in more than one size?
Yes. VACE comes in two sizes. Small/medium size sleeves accommodate vases 7”-11” tall (approx. 17.5-25.5cm) and the medium/large size is perfect for taller vases measuring 10”-14” tall (approx. 25.5-35.5cm).