Flowers. Why we wear them.

Flowers. Why we wear them.

For always and forever, floral designs have been going hot and heavy. In fact, this timeless romance is only growing stronger. 

As a means of self-expression, wearing flower designs on our clothes feels as natural as wearing our hearts on our sleeves.

You’re probably wondering where the classic romance between flowers and fashion stemmed from?

“How’d the two of you meet?”

Funny story. It starts somewhere around the dawn of time. In illustrations of the Old Testament, Adam and Eve are spotted wearing fig leaves to shield themselves from their newfound nakedness. There’s lots of biblical analysis around that topic, but hey, it’s not that kind of blog. Let’s just say it’s the first known instance of covering oneself in foliage.

Not long after that, floral designs took root in ancient China and India before flourishing throughout the world.1

By the time of the industrial revolution, florally patterned products could be made faster and cheaper so regular folks were able to enjoy them too. Since then, pretty much every season has been flower season.

Consider the large flower designs of in the 1920s.2 The daisy and tulip designs of the 30s. The classic floral apron of the 40’s. Matching floral shoes and dresses of the 50s. The 60’s and 70’s were so flower focused, they called the next generation, “flower children.”

Hmm… was tie-dye was nothing more than floral design seen through the lens of an acid tab? Discuss.

By the 80’s, flowers made frequent appearances on the big screen as we saw celebrities and filmmakers get into the act.

And in the 90’s, floral patterns became as ubiquitous as fashion itself – cracking the door wide open to the anything-goes sensibilities of the 2000’s and beyond. 

Floral designs have been a mainstay on the runways of Valentino, Oscar De La Renta, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Christian Dior as well as a staple for home decorators, florists and event planners.

Flowers and fashion continue to be a match made in heaven and a product made in thousands of factories throughout China, Italy and the U.S.

Yet there’s no greater testament to the everlasting bond of flowers and fashion than weddings, where the passion and commitment between the flower world and fashion world are reinforced, reimagined and rekindled again and again.

After billions of years, we think it’s safe to say this flower thing is more than just a passing fad. In fact, it may well be the ultimate way humanity has found to express love for nature’s powers of renewal.

We wear flowers on our clothes. And today, with VACE stretch-on vase covers, we finally have a chance to return the favor.

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